Parmazip Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

The 'All-in-One' PMS for community drugstores

Modernize your pharmacy operations with a BIR-accredited POS and Inventory system designed for pharmacies in the Philippines. It works offline, too!

Your Pharmacy Challenges

Getting things organized to grow and establish a pharmacy business can be tough.


You’re tired of using multiple Excel sheets and paperwork to collect, organize, and manage your medicine sales and supplies.


Your current system is incomplete - no medicine expiry tracker, not BIR-accredited, or lacks the pharmacy tools needed.


You want to improve your pharmacy practice so that your customers will have you top-of-mind for all their prescription needs.

Here comes Parmazip!

The All-in-One
Pharmacy Management System

Designed for community pharmacies

We built a system that addresses the unique needs of community pharmacies with tools that empower and elevate your pharmacy practice and business.

Powerful POS and inventory system

It is equipped with a user-friendly interface that uses the latest technologies and robust features to efficiently manage your retail pharmacy.

Manage medicines and prescriptions

Have all prescriptions and your customers’ data securely stored in one place so you can personalize patient care and serve them better.

BIR-accredited POS provider

We made sure you stay compliant with the receipt and reporting requirements of the BIR to prevent any penalties and maintain accurate reporting.

What's inside the Parmazip PMS?

How it Works

Key Pharmacy Tools

Elevate your pharmacy experience with the right tools to build your practice efficiently and accurately with top-tier customer care.

  • Prescription history tracking
  • Prescription refills
  • Dangerous drugs dispense tracker
  • Patient record management

Powerful Point-of-sale

Revolutionize operations with innovative pharmacy POS features that deliver tailored solutions and enhance productivity and customer service.

  • Digital and printable receipts
  • Record discounts and coverages
  • Capture prescription information
  • Store customer data for future reference

Efficient Inventory Management

Monitor inventory movement and adjustments to stay informed about product recalls and expiry dates while being on top of your business numbers.

  • Set quantity thresholds and monitor stock levels
  • Track medication expiry
  • Easily import products using AI
  • Produce daily and weekly reports

Plus all the tools made to simplify and automate
your workflow and practice.

  • Sales invoicing
  • Receipt generation
  • Multiple payments
  • Sales & gross profit reports
  • Barcode scanning
  • Inventory tracking
  • Stock level alerts
  • AI-enabled import tool
  • Auto-reorder
  • P2P capability
  • User roles & access
  • Centralized patient database
  • Prescription management
  • Near-expiry alerts
  • X and Z reading reports
  • EHR integration
  • Email support
  • In-app FAQs & tutorials
  • PSC/PWD/Controlled substance tracking

Why Parmazip?


Stay organized and be proactive.

On top of the standard sales and inventory tools of a POS, Parmazip offers pharmacy-centric features such as prescription log sheet, medication expiry alerts, dangerous drugs monitoring, and multi-user collaborative access, all while staying BIR-compliant.


Work offline with peace of mind.

Protect your pharmacy’s data with new technology that puts data privacy and security first! Utilize a standalone system and collaborate with users locally through a sync framework even without internet connection. Get data when you need it, as you need it.


Know and keep your data securely.

Keep all data in a local system and benefit from reports that keep you on your toes while staying well-informed. Gain advantage from Sales reporting, Inventory analytics, Incoming and outgoing summaries, and BIR-compliant reports.

Join our journey and get early access

Be among the first to experience an offline-based point-of-sale and Pharmacy Management System in one.

Empowering community pharmacies through technology

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